5 Tech Upgrades to Enhance your Child’s Return to School Amid Covid-19 Toni Goodwin August 6, 2020

5 Tech Upgrades to Enhance your Child’s Return to School Amid Covid-19


Carefully weighing your options, you’ve made another difficult decision for your family in 2020. You and your child may be celebrating their return to a physical school classroom with peers, or you may have decided to have your child learn exclusively from home through online services. Regardless of your child’s learning environment this year, helping them set up a friendly and functional workstation at home will enhance their confidence and encourage their success despite the global crisis.

Consider these resources when setting up an effective workstation for your child or family: 

  • Ergonomic desk and seating options
  • Primary device/s (tablets, laptops, and PC’s)
  • Family Office subscription with premium apps & services
  • Antivirus software with added protection features
  • Multiple monitors & other peripherals specific to student learning styles


Creating a welcoming workspace at home involves making several decisions. Always consider ergonomics, particularly when your child will spend substantial time each day learning online. The right desk, chair, and even foot rest are essential to your child’s health. Supplying a solution for every child and home are mix-and-match desk and seating options as well as complete sets.

Learning Devices

In addition to a well-fitting physical workspace, devices for digital learning are a necessity due to the educational shift this year to at least some online learning for every student. When at home, your child may use hardware and software owned by you and/or that provided by their school organization.

Family Office Subscription

Your school organization may provide a subscription to office suite software which your child can use both at school and home; however, some of the more advanced features of the software may not work unless students have access to the classic desktop version on their at-home device. To allow for seamless use of office software features, consider updating your home devices with an affordable Microsoft 365 Family subscription which includes various applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc.) as well as services OneDrive and Skype for up to six users at only $99.99 per year or $9.99 each month.


Most devices will have some form of antivirus protection installed on them like Defender for Windows 10, but you may want more protection for your child. This added protection can help your entire family. Three such selections have a few plans from which to choose—the Norton 360 with LifeLock Select for only 99.99 per year covers every one of your family’s needs.

Computer Peripherals

Finally, remember a diverse range of peripherals equip you to accommodate your child’s unique learning styles. No doubt you’ve seen your child (and they’ve seen you) in front of one screen while engaging with another nearby or in hand. Connecting an additional monitor or two to your child’s device may make it easier for them to manage their learning, and you may be surprised at how capable your tween or teen is at connecting these peripherals themselves.

Back to School

What isn’t surprising is that a well-outfitted ergonomic workstation plays a role in your child’s academic success. Your child’s input in helping you to create this workstation increases their buy in and accountability for their daily learning.

I wish you and your child the best this school year. To help ensure that every day can be a digital learning day for all students, consider donating new and used technology and peripherals to communities in need.