6 Reasons You Need LastPass Business Edition Password Manager Micheal Goodwin July 7, 2021

6 Reasons You Need LastPass Business Edition Password Manager


If you have an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Siri Assistant device serving you, you know all about the conveniences that accompany advances in technological tools. My interest in the first Alexa was purely gimmick novelty. I used the device to report the weather outside my window and to set an additional oven timer to ensure perfect dinner rolls. Currently though, the fleet of Alexa devices controlling my house serves me like digital valets, and I often wonder how I ever lived without them.

Today’s password managers provide a similar but even more essential service.  Since our first finger strokes on a keyboard, either we’ve been remembering passwords, or we’ve been jumping through hoops in order to verify our identity and then reset our passwords. Far more convenience and peace of mind is found in a password management service such as LastPass. 

It’s difficult to overexaggerate the overarching consequences we may suffer as a result of creating and using poor passwords. Poor password choices make vulnerable just about every password-protected account we access online. Use of a poor password is simply one aspect of password mismanagement which enables bad actors to take control of our personal and professional accounts, finances, and reputations. Here are six reasons it makes sense to invest in a password manager. 

To Manage Password Overload

According to statistics presented by authors Paul Haskell-Dowland and Brianna O’Shea in their article in The Conversation, a computer can guess more than 100 billion passwords each second, and while the average computer user has an average of 70 to 80 passwords to manage, it’s not possible for the human brain to store and recall those. As a result, users create workarounds and shortcuts which can compromise personal and business data and assets.

LastPass Business remembers the passwords to all of your accounts and automatically places them into your login screen via the LastPass web extension. For mobile applications and password-on-the-go solutions, simply installing the LastPass app on your phone equips you to access your accounts.

To Manage Password Security

Consider where you or your colleagues store passwords. Scrawled across a yellow Post-it displayed on a monitor? Hiding on a slip of paper under a keyboard? Recorded meticulously in a small notebook toted around in a wallet or purse? In an Excel document named Password? In Outlook notes? People take measures in order to be able to access their accounts and accomplish tasks, but hodge-podge methods do not provide adequate protection. It may seem counter intuitive to secure all your passwords in one location and behind the protection of one well-crafted password, but it is actually more secure than all of the other options.

Using this one strong password randomly generated by LastPass secures all other passwords and enhances their strength. Setting up LastPass Business to require a biometrics login offers users secure access via a mobile phone by scanning fingerprints. Enabling multifactor authentication through a trusted device such as a mobile phone further enhances account security. 

To Eliminate Weak Passwords

The average user may not be aware of the criteria guidelines to create a complex password for accounts. Relying upon memory, most users create passwords using a combination of common words or names of loved ones, numbers like significant dates, and a special character or two. These passwords may be easier for a user to remember and appear complex to the human eye, but they are simply a digital walk in the park for a computer. A computer utilizing a dictionary and simple program is capable of cracking most passwords such as these within minutes.

LastPass Business creates unique, complex passwords without any required input from the user. It has a copy/paste function to easily fill a password field. LastPass then remembers this password and updates any changes the user makes to an account password in the future.

To Eliminate Password Re-Use

It’s always in the news–big tech companies experiencing data breaches and many of their customers’ email addresses and passwords falling into criminal hands. Also always occurring are new technologies that generate a need for more passwords. When users experience password fatigue from managing so many passwords, they let caution fly to the wind and reuse the same password on different accounts. Criminals exploit password re-use by feeding email addresses and passwords from a big tech company breach into other commonly-used systems to see if the same password was used elsewhere, which is often the case. No one is too small to be the victim of a data breach.

LastPass Business not only will create unique passwords for each of a user’s accounts but will also compare the user’s various passwords to each other to ensure no repeats or similarities exist.

To Manage Password Sharing

The best practice for account security requires every user to have a unique user account; however, with basic shared applications, sometimes this practice may be unnecessary. When users wish to share an app, they also must share its password, which creates its own problems. First, how will users securely learn what the password actually is? Sending the password to users in a email is not secure, and neither is sending it in a file. Second, any user who fails at a login may choose to reset the password which means all shared users need to be informed of the new password, which cycles back to the first problem of securely sharing that password.

LastPass Business edition supports password sharing. Authorized users have access to the shared password in their LastPass accounts, so one copy of the password is able to be maintained securely.

To Manage Password Resets

Resetting passwords was once a quick and simple process of clicking a password reset link, then waiting for an email with the new password to arrive within seconds. More often than not, now the password reset button takes users down a lengthy and confusing rabbit hole in which they must solve picture puzzles, explain interpretive word art, and hope their email spam filter doesn’t prevent receipt of their password-reset email.

LastPass stores passwords and enables users to share these passwords securely in one place, so forgetting passwords has become an inconvenience of the past. Having confidence that  password is correct without having to record it somewhere obscure or in more than one place frees users to better use their time. LastPass Business does that for them and more.

You Need LastPass Business

Server At Work is a LogMeIn LastPass partner. Our technology team helps implement, setup, and deploy LastPass Business solutions within organizations to secure password management and to help organizations stay on top of their security game while gaining time toward productivity.