Bad Phishing — Can You Spot What is Wrong in this Email? Micheal Goodwin October 26, 2017

Bad Phishing — Can You Spot What is Wrong in this Email?


One of our employees received an email from “Microsoft Office Support” today that was a lazy attempt at Phishing. Take a look at the screenshot and see if you can spot what is wrong with this email to make it a dead giveaway?

Bad Phishing

Phishing Email Address

Take a look at the email address. While the friendly name says “Microsoft Office Support” the actual email address is something completely different and obviously in no way associated with Microsoft.

Phishing with an Unexpected Message

A quick check in Outlook shows that the user has 20GB of storage available in Office 365 and the email looks nothing like what a Microsoft warning would look like. While that makes it easier to spot this time, do note that Phishers are getting much better at crafting realistic looking emails.

The best check, especially for convincing looking emails, is the link in the message. Hovering over this one, it reveals the linked address which, like the email address, has absolutely NOTHING to do with Microsoft.

Remember that the link / name / address in the email or attachment is just typed text in the message. The actual link you will be referred to is most often reveals by hovering your mouse pointer over the link and watching for the pop-up. If the link looks the least bit suspicious then DO NOT click it.