Better Quality of Life through Remote Work Micheal Goodwin July 22, 2015

Better Quality of Life through Remote Work


Not long ago, remote access was limited to a few types of workers, such as traveling executives and salespeople, while most people worked exclusively in the office on a wired network connection. This has changed dramatically in recent years, as the need for greater mobility and agility in business has led people to work in more places, and move more frequently among locations, than ever before. While remote access once required a dial-up connection, people can now connect instantly from anywhere on laptops and mobile devices. Simple, pervasive connectivity and device-independent computing have become central to the modern consumer lifestyle, and people increasingly expect similar mobility and flexibility in the way they work.

As more people connect in more places, on more types of devices, over more networks, the complexity of the remote access challenge grows enormously. It’s not enough for IT to think through its remote access strategy from the perspectives of administration and security; it’s equally important—and can be equally challenging—to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience in every scenario. To be fully productive, people need to be able to get right to work on the devices they choose, anywhere they go, without frustrating security or usability roadblocks.

To give people a remote access experience they’ll love, while meeting IT’s requirements for security and manageability, your remote access solution strategy should encompass:

  • A single point of self-service access for all the apps and data their work requires, with a consistent user experience across devices and locations
  • The ability to access IT services over any type of network connection without adding complexity for users or IT
  • A high-quality user experience no matter what type of device they choose to use
  • A simple, consistent remote access method regardless of whether they connect on an internal or external network
  • Convenient and secure data access, sync and sharing on any device in any location
  • Complete functionality for Windows applications and desktops on touch-screen devices 

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