Careers February 14, 2022

Server At Work is not your average IT company.

With offices located in beautiful downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana and just south of the Colorado river in downtown Austin, Texas, Server At Work is one of the fastest growing IT support companies in the region. We employ IT professionals with a passion for learning and serving our wonderful clients.

The technology experts we seek range from desktop support specialists to server administrators, cybersecurity professionals, and network engineers. SAW.IT supports private virtual clouds and large virtualization environments, so an opportunity grow in your profession knows no bounds at Server At Work.

In addition to our two corporate offices, we also employ remote engineers and support personnel throughout Louisiana and Texas to provide local support for our wide-ranging clients.

SAW Lake Charles


Business and IT professionals with the technology and business experience to advise clients on technology initiatives.

Support Desk Technician

Great listeners with advanced critical thinking capabilities who, by the way, are great at solving computer problems.

User Accounts Manager

Relentless and process-driven self-starters with a keen eye for details and a mindset for perfection.

System Administrator

Heavy lies the crown for the folks trusted with managing server and network environments.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Inquisitive fighters for justice against the bad actors lurking in the dark corners of the Internet.

Site Engineer

Smiling happy road warriors who enjoy visiting with clients and performing hands-on support.

Lake Charles IT Support

Great IT People

The first thing our clients and employees notice about Server At Work is how awesome our people are. We put great emphasis on both the personality and the capability of every person we hire. We want to ensure that everyone on our team is highly qualified for their job and ready to be a contributing member of our harmonious team.

Competitive Benefits

You have a family, a dog, maybe a cat. You need to take care of them, and we need to take care of you. Server At Work provides full-time benefits, such as company provided health care insurance, 401k with employer contributions, vision, dental, life insurance, and more. We know that your cat doesn't care about your benefits, but you do.

Professional Development

No matter if you were born a nerd, or grew into one after learning about the IT rock star lifestyle, you never stop learning. We expect a lot from our people, but we also give them the support they need to achieve their full potential. Server At Work provides education resources and financial assistance to our team members looking to grow as IT professionals.

Valued IT Company

At Server At Work, we recognize that our key to success is our people. We know that our people make the difference during the toughest moments of a client's day. If you like working in a supportive team atmosphere where everyone pulls together for a greater cause, then Server At Work may be for you.