Clear Out the Toner Closet with Affordable Managed Print Services Micheal Goodwin March 16, 2021

Clear Out the Toner Closet with Affordable Managed Print Services


No matter the size of our organizations, we all have one thing in common–the toner closet. While it may not actually be a closet, some area in the office is designated as storage space for all the new and used toners of our numerous printers, copiers, and fax machines. None of us wants to run out of toner during crunch time.

“Let’s keep an extra toner or two” turns into a graveyard of useless toners each time a printer dies. Lined up in careful rows on the closet shelves, they symbolize security to some staff members but actually represent wasted money. Our fear of running out of toner, or missing out on the 50%-off toner extravaganza, leads to thousands of wasted dollars’ worth sitting in a closet waiting for someone to draw the short straw and figure out how to recycle them.

On the shelves, those many boxes of toner are usually flanked by their close cousins, the fuser kits and the maintenance kits. While not needed as often, these are just as likely to stop a printer in its tracks when the printer screen reads “Fuser Life 0%” or the printer rollers stop picking up paper. Every diligent office manager makes sure to have the extra kits on hand for the next printer maintenance-to-put-off-repair window.

And who repairs broken printers anymore? With the cost of new printers so low, the skillset of repairing a printer is a dying trade. The majority of businesses replace the broken printer and move on with their day. If they are lucky, the same printer model is still available, so nothing new needs to be installed on each of the computers in the office.  But often that is not the case, and replacing a $400 printer also requires hours of technician time spent removing and updating print drivers on the servers and computers in the office, causing disruption.

Wasted toners. Maintenance kits. Print driver updates.

Is there a better way to manage a fleet of printers and copiers?

Absolutely, and often, it is a less expensive option.

An Alternative To Wasting Toner and Time

Managed Print Services from Server At Work saves you time and money while getting you out of the printer toner and maintenance business. In the same way that IT Managed Services outsources your IT management to our team, Managed Print Services outsources printer and copier management to Server At Work as well, preventing downtime for your company.

With Managed Print Services you benefit from:

  • Monitored network printers
  • Automatically drop-shipped toners, fusers, and maintenance kits
  • White-glove technical support to include hardware parts and labor
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Device cleanings with every technician visit

Managed Print Services from Server At Work is offered on:

  • Your company’s existing fleet of printers and copiers
  • Your company’s new printer purchases
  • Your company’s Hardware as a Service printers or copiers purchased from SAW.IT

Managed Print Services is often less expensive than purchasing your own toners, fusers, and maintenance kits. Additionally it offers you white-glove technical support and freedom from managing and storing your own print consumables, making Managed Print Services from Server At Work a great value for your company.

Contact the Business IT Experts at SAW.IT today to receive a free quote on Managed Print Services for your printer and copier fleet. We’d enjoy hearing what you plan to do with your reclaimed closet too.