Encrypt Your Roaming Data Micheal Goodwin March 13, 2015

Encrypt Your Roaming Data


Most users with laptops or removable USB drives have sensitive data on their devices.  In a corporate environment these assets are protected behind firewalls as well as bricks and mortar but once these devices leave the office they become vulnerable to data being lost or stolen.  Once a device is in an unauthorized users’ possession, passwords may be circumvented through password cracking or removing drives to access via alternative means.  So even if individual files and folders are encrypted it still leaves the door open for company data to be copied and accessed.

For complete security using drive encryption you protect the entire disk — before it is bootable or accessible — rendering it unreadable to unauthorized users.  Drive encryption encrypts the entire disk including swap files, system files, and hibernation files.  If the encrypted disk is lost, stolen, or removed from the computer the encrypted state stays unchanged preventing rogue access.

While the prospect of encrypting your disk sounds cumbersome, using a managed solution can make disk protection and management quite simple.  The key to accessing an encrypted disk is a strong password that must be entered BEFORE the disk will attempt to boot.  This password may be synced to your operating system password allowing single-sign on from encrypted password to desktop.

Organizations with many users needing disk encryption do face a challenge.  Encryption policies must be setup and managed, security certificates must be maintained, password policies and recovery must be enforced, and all of this should be accessible via the cloud so that remote users who seldom visit the home office can get realtime updates and protection.

Server@Work simplifies deployment by running encryption management servers in our SSAE-16 secured data centers.  We not only deploy PGP encryption to your workstations and encrypt your whole disk, but we also manage your policies, assist with password recovery, and ensure you are meeting the standards required by your organization.