It’s 9 O’clock — DO YOU Know Where Your Cloud Backup Is? Micheal Goodwin February 11, 2015

It’s 9 O’clock — DO YOU Know Where Your Cloud Backup Is?


Organizations look to managed cloud backup services for the security of an off-site backup and the expertise of qualified technicians to oversee and manage backup operations.  It is never a question of if a storage system will fail but when and when it does it is comforting to know your data is protected and can be efficiently restored.

On the flipside, businesses who trust in managed cloud backup solutions may also be relinquishing ownership of their backup storage and capabilities.  This is because many managed solution providers use proprietary or locked down backup solutions that are not directly customer accessible or cannot have data ownership transferred to a customer account since the service only works through resellers.  Regardless of why a customer can’t SEE their own backed up data it is still an avoidable situation with the right solution.

Knowing that our customers have legitimate concerns about who possesses and controls THEIR data we have selected a cloud backup solution that allows us to completely manage custom client-side backup solutions while allowing customers to see their data and in the event they want to move on — can KEEP their current backup solution in place to self-manage or enact a more graceful transition to a new backup solution.

Working with, we have formed a partnership that allows us to backup both our customer hosted data as well as remote user and on-premise data to a single consolidated backup account that is assigned to each individual customer for their ownership.