Managed Email Disclaimers and Signatures Micheal Goodwin April 2, 2015

Managed Email Disclaimers and Signatures


Great. . . it is time to update the company email signature again.  I hope everyone remembers to do it on all their email clients. . . Does it right. . .  Does it timely. . .   Of course, companies NEED standardized email signatures and disclaimers to protect them from a legal standpoint so every email isn’t seen as a binding legal socument.  Email signatures are also a nice way to adverte your company and its services.  But getting signatures rolled out, standardized, and updated can be a chore and making sure everyone stays consistent can be an even bigger headache.

Imagine if you could easily update all your staff’s email signatures from one central location anytime you want.  This power would allow you to advertise upcoming trade shows, company events, product specials and sales.  You can enforce your legal disclaimers on all your messages without having to track down everyones email settings.

There are actually many tools available to enforce and manage email signatures.  Most are compatible with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and any most other Hosted Email when using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access.