Managing Smartphone Security for Businesses Micheal Goodwin January 2, 2016

Managing Smartphone Security for Businesses


With over 89% of employees using their personal smartphones to complete job tasks and most of them unmanaged or secured, organizations are quickly losing their grasp on controlling where their company data goes.  A data breach or company secret is a lost or stolen phone away from being the next WikiLeaks.  While companies are free to set their own data usage policies for access to company information — many are understandably reluctant to place security or management restrictions on their employees phones.  And of course — your employees don’t want big brother watching them!

To satisfy both the security requirements of your company and protect the personal privacy or your team — look for a Mobile Device Management solution that is customizable and granular in what it does so you can put down the hammer on your company owned devices while limited both the access and management of your teams personal smartphone devices.