Pharmacy Integration Helps Long-Term Care Staff Micheal Goodwin October 6, 2014

Pharmacy Integration Helps Long-Term Care Staff


An aspect of Long Term Care facilities that most folks don’t think about is the way residents get their prescriptions.  Skilled nursing facilities don’t send a runner to the local Walgreens or CVS to pick up drug orders. Nurses are calling in and faxing orders to specialized Long Term Care pharmacies. Imagine the time that takes, and the issues that can cause. 

American Healthtech and FrameworkLTC pharmacy software have bridged that gap, however.  By leveraging the power of the Corepoint Integration Engine and FrameworkHL7, orders can be taken care of without the fuss, and worry, of faxing and phone calls. 

Nursing facilities can now enter orders directly into American Healthtech’s EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and immediately begin tracking it. This process streamlines the order and keeps the medical records updated and as accurate as possible. Eliminating points of failure in the prescription process is paramount, and the interface between FrameworkLTC and AmericanHealthtech achieves exactly that. 

President and CEO of American Healthtech, Teresa Chase stated, “Interoperability brings providers major efficiency gains when information seamlessly flows right into the medical record.  A quick review and click replaces hours spent transcribing, faxing and looking after other tedious administrative tasks. The time won back can be channeled right into direct resident care. It’s a real win for the entire interdisciplinary care team, for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.  Everyone sleeps better at night knowing medications are managed, administered and refilled as quickly and as accurately as possible thanks to automated interoperability.” 

Server@Work specializes in complete business solutions for the LTC world including pharmacy software integration with LTC software.