Secure Faxing Over the Internet Micheal Goodwin December 8, 2014

Secure Faxing Over the Internet


The days of the analog fax line are numbered.  Many businesses have already started moving their fax services to Internet fax services such as fax to email or full-on Fax-over-IP or FoIP as it is called.  By moving fax services to the Internet you take advantage of cost savings, managed infrastructure, and greater accessibility of services in time of business disruptions.

However, in the rush to move services to the cloud, some organizations neglect the inherent insecurity of fax transmissions.  Fax over analog is considered secure by most standards including HIPAA and SOX while Fax over the Internet without taking Internet traffic security into consideration is not secure by its nature.

At Server@Work we work with healthcare and financial groups to secure fax communications over the Internet so companies can leverage the savings and mobility of the cloud without sacrificing the security required for compliant fax communications.

When evaluating a Fax-over-IP (FOIP) solution be sure to consider:

  • Security of fax to email;
  • Security certificated required by email servers to transmit from the fax receiver; and,
  • Security certificates for fax adapters.

Let Server@Work examine your fax infrastructure and find the faxing solution best designed to fit your security needs.