Server At Work Coronavirus 2019 Update Micheal Goodwin March 23, 2020

Server At Work Coronavirus 2019 Update


With Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announcing a home shelter-in-place for COVID-19 starting on Monday 3/23/2020 at 5pm CST, Server@Work will be requiring all but a skeleton crew of our main office staff in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to begin working from home.  Since we are built as a cloud company capable of providing remote services and support to any location from any location, we will continue to provide our enterprise-level IT services and support to our clients.

The only obvious adjustment we will need to make to our services is a limited capability to provide on-site support due to Coronavirus Disease limitations on travel.  Should an on-site service be impacted by this change, we will discuss alternatives with you to provide assistance at the time of your request.  We are also in contact with freight and shipping companies, and our capability to send and receive equipment for provisioning or repair is not changed.

Our cloud and virtual hosted services, such as Citrix virtual desktops and cloud-based VoIP phone systems, are not impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic, and clients needing additional logins for remote staff need only ask for the increase.  Our cloud infrastructure has no limitations on scaling, and our engineers are ready to address any increased demands.

Those beginning to leverage Office 365 subscriptions more with remote staff may find this Microsoft Office Cheat Sheets link helpful.  In particular, the Microsoft Teams cheat sheet can get your team more comfortable in Teams more quickly.

If your company needs any additional support or services to support remote workers, put in a support ticket with your request, and we will provide all the assistance we can.

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All the best,

Micheal Goodwin, COO