Server At Work is a 3CX Platinum Partner Micheal Goodwin October 14, 2015

Server At Work is a 3CX Platinum Partner


After working with 3CX for nearly four years Server At Work has finally hit Platinum!  3CX is an award-winning IP phone system used by many top companies worldwide such as: Boeing, Hugo Boss, City of Vienna, McDonalds, Wilson Sports, Harley Davidson, and MIT.  3CX phone systems can be deployed on-site like a tradition PBX complete with IP phones and landlines as well as the ability to support remote and home workers with ease.  The 3CX system can also be cloud-hosted which removes the on-premise expense of installing a phone system and making the system more resilient to disasters and local power issues.

Server At Work specializes in cloud-hosted PBX’s as well as on-premise and hybrid solutions giving our customers the flexibility they need to solve any deployment scenario.  Our technicians and engineers are 3CX certified and we have a close working relationship with the 3CX team so we can completely support our valued clients.