Use Any Scanner to Create Searchable PDFs in Office 365 Micheal Goodwin February 27, 2014

Use Any Scanner to Create Searchable PDFs in Office 365


Getting a few sheets of scanned paper or electronic PDFs into a Document Library in SharePoint Online with Office 365 is a snap.  But unless you have time to setup keywords and fill in metadata you may have very limited options to search for files based upon content — especially if your library is large or you have multiple libraries.

With SharePoint 2013 the search capabilities are robust but you have to feed it the right kinds of PDFs.  This means an OCR solution to create a searchable PDF for SharePoint indexing.  Many modern scanners have direct OCR capabilities but getting those files into Office 365 still requires a capture server or manual file manipulation.  This can be expensive in equipment as well as time and leaves open the possibility of human error.

A great alternative to the cost and complexity of replacing your multi-function copiers and setting up an on-premise capture solution is to use your existing equipment to scan to a cloud-based document capture server.  With one touch from your scanner the cloud-based server can process your documents, create a searchable PDF/A, then automatically name and upload them into your Document Libraries in SharePoint Online where they will be consistently stored and indexed for SharePoint Search.

Using a cloud-based capture server you get to keep your existing copiers, do not have to purchase or maintain on-premise servers, and you can have one solution that a multi-location organization or business with home users can share.

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