Voice over IP Hidden Fees Micheal Goodwin May 7, 2013

Voice over IP Hidden Fees


Like any service, Voice-over-IP can be riddled with hidden fees.  What looks like a great price, when it comes down to brass tacks, can end up costing your organization more than you bargained.

Some common tactics among VoIP providers include:

  • Low fees only on annual terms rather than monthly terms;
  • Expensive IP phones;
  • Unlimited local minutes but limited Toll Free minutes;
  • Expensive additional DIDs and Toll Free numbers;
  • Annual maintenance fees on phones and hardware; and,
  • Hard caps on phone system sizes.

With Talk@Work:

  • You don’t need to fork down up-front annual payments to get the best prices;
  • Our phones are priced at or below MSRP;
  • We do not discriminate between local, long distance, or Toll Free minutes;
  • We have wholesale pricing on DIDs and Toll Free Numbers;
  • When you buy equipment, you own it — no annual maintenance fees; and,
  • Our system scales up from 1 extension to 1,024 extensions with no need to buy a new phone system.