VoIP Is the Cutting Edge of Business Phone Technology Micheal Goodwin November 9, 2017

VoIP Is the Cutting Edge of Business Phone Technology


It is the nature of the business world to strive for better things. Better marketing, higher quality products, more satisfied customers. Each company is on a private journey to beat their own high score while simultaneously competing with others for the love and purchasing power of the people. However, in the modern era of fast-paced technology and constantly adapting business practices, simply striving isn’t enough. You’ve got to actually keep up. One aspect of technology that has been transforming steadily since the 2000’s is communication.

Between social media and the growing functionality of smartphones, your old wired phone system is becoming not only laughably outdated but overpriced as well. Modern businesses need a comprehensive online communication system that can cover live chat, CMS integration, mobile access, and easy scaling.

In other words, it’s time to upgrade to a VOIP.

The Cutting Edge of VoIP

You may have heard the phrase ‘VOIP’ bouncing around the business world, but to understand why it’s needed, it helps to know what the acronym means. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In other words, it’s an internet phone along the same lines as Skype, only better because it’s designed to integrate perfectly with modern business communication software.

A VOIP system can be installed just like a normal phone system and is capable of making and receiving normal calls; but, it’s also a cloud-based business software platform. It allows you to connect and work with your entire communication network from managing all your messages from one inbox to a contacts list with live status updates and chat. One VOIP platform could replace three or four separate business software services as well as your wired office phones.

Easy to Install and Scale

One of the many reasons VOIP is so useful for the dynamic world of business is how easy it is to scale. Host three employees or three thousand on a single VOIP phone system. No need to worry about cables or installation crews tromping through your office or complicated phone bills. Extensions and users can be quickly added with remote web-based administration or a quick ticket to your VOIP support team.

No required company phones, no hassle, and no exorbitant fees for actively managing the number of phone lines you have registered. This allows you to build your team, shrink it, or ease into VOIP comfortably based on the needs of your business.

Connect from Any Device

With phones, you either have your office phone with its single limited location or your cellphone which is controlled by a SIM card, meaning there can only be one phone using your number. If your office or cell phone breaks, you’re out of luck and clients can’t reach you. With VOIP it’s entirely internet based and, in fact, can be hosted locally or in the cloud. This means that the numbers and ability to call from and answer calls to them aren’t based on a specific location or device.

Your employees will be able to log into their number and inbox from most any internet-accessing device. This means your employees can swap computers and offices, move to a different building, be sent on remote meetings, and even connect on a borrowed device. With VOIP, the numbers are tied to your employees, so you can stay in contact and get work done from anywhere, on any device.

Between flexibility, affordability, and a plethora of useful features, your business can’t afford to let VOIP pass you buy. Put down the expensive phone plan and connect your employees with a modern cloud-based phone platform. Why stay tied to your desks and devices when you could connect from anywhere?