What Do Cyber Protection Teams Do? Micheal Goodwin April 5, 2018

What Do Cyber Protection Teams Do?


Your business uses the internet in a multitude of ways. You use it for communications, purchasing, customer service, and cloud backup and data storage.

Since businesses are taking a noticeably more tech-focused approach to operations, it’s important that they keep their networks and data secure.  There are plenty of bad actors on the web who want to gain access to your system and sell your information. In fact, cyber crimes cost businesses $6 trillion every year!

While you and your team are hard at work, know that there are security professionals dedicated to keeping your activity safe.  But what exactly do cyber protection teams do and how do they do it? 

Cyber Protection Teams Patch Leaky Software

Think of your business like a ship. It takes a whole crew to run your ship efficiently, and a single mistake can cost the team dearly.

Now imagine that your ship’s hull has a few boards missing, or that someone has used duct tape instead of wood or metal to plug the gaps.  You wouldn’t expect to last long in the waters, would you?

Yes, it’s a silly metaphor, but it’s a great representation of what can happen if you are not careful with your businesses security. You are practically inviting disaster to strike!  If your network is unprotected or you are using outdated, unpatched software, your business may be every bit as vulnerable as our metaphorical ship.

This is where protection teams come in.

They review and manage vendor updates and know how and when to appropriately update software and how to make sure your business isn’t unknowingly vulnerable.

Monitor Web Traffic

All web traffic is good web traffic, right?  Not exactly.  If you haveve watched the news in the last few years, you have probably heard the phrase ‘DDoS attack’ at least once.

Just a few weeks ago, GitHub experienced the largest DDoS attack in history as their site was flooded with 1.35 terabytes of traffic!

At the risk of oversimplification, a DDoS attack is what happens when a user or users flood a server with Internet or network traffic to crash it. Once a site is down, its security is often compromised, allowing for easier access.  DDoS attacks can happen to any business and pose a major threat to business operations.

Having a team to watch out for odd or dangerous spikes in web traffic can mean the difference between a hacked website and an average day at the office.

Not everyone has the time to browse forums and read the latest tech news about the newest threats.  But when you enlist the aid of a cyber protection team, you are getting in-depth research on what could pose a threat to your business.

Between ransomware, malware, DDoS attacks, phishing, and basic hacking, businesses have a lot to worry about.  Hiring a protection team gives you more time to run your business, and in turn, be more profitable.

Keep Your Business Safe

No business deserves to suffer the wrath of a cyber attack. Make sure you are prepared by hiring a smart cyber protection team who knows what they are doing.

If you are interested in beefing up your security, get in touch with us today.  Our security offerings are developed with industry compliance standards and dedicated staff to protect your business.