Your Business Imagined in the Cloud Micheal Goodwin February 7, 2018

Your Business Imagined in the Cloud


94% of SMB was using the cloud for their business by the end of 2017.  So, whether you realize it or not, your business is already benefiting from the cloud. From using Capital One for your online banking to operating in QuickBooks Online for your accounting, the cloud offers your company a way to do business that saves you time and frees you from the hassle of maintaining more software locally. If your business is still running on a local server and local desktop computer applications in your office, then you can still gain efficiency and stabilize the cost of your IT by moving your local network into the cloud.

While there are many software packages that work great as “websites”, some just aren’t ready for the web treatment. These non-web applications probably still work better with a more traditional Windows server and software installed on your computers. This “local application” scenario is a prime candidate for migration into the cloud with a virtual Windows server and Citrix Windows virtual desktops.  You keep the ability to run local software but you run it virtualized from the cloud.

Imagine if you could pickup your local network, servers, programs, data, and even your computer desktop operating systems and put them into a physically secure data center in a safe, dry location.

Imagine that your office network is protected behind the latest in security technology making it harder for hackers to breach than the SMB firewall you have in your office.

Imagine that your network is monitored 24/7 with the latest in health and monitoring technology.

Imagine that you can access your office network from anywhere, anytime.  Obviously from your physical office but also from your home, from the road, on sick days, on snow days, during a hurricane evacuation, and when a fire shuts down your business.

Imagine that the cloud servers running your office network are incredibly more powerful than the servers and computers in your budget and that you will never have to buy or maintain an office server — EVER.

This is no imaginary scenario. This is a typical business case scenario for small and medium-sized companies who are looking to get out of the local server restraints and gain the freedom to run their business from the cloud.

Secure IT Environment

When you move your IT infrastructure into the cloud, that location should be a secure data center facility that is accredited with an independent SOC Audit. The audit will attest that your data and virtual servers are stored safely and responsibly in a secure hosting environment. Like your hosting cloud, your IT provider should also have an independent SOC Audit that shows that they meet the high standards of responsibly managing your data and your remote computing environment.

In addition to your virtual networks physical security, your business assets should also be secured behind the latest in network and cyber security. This security state should be managed and monitored by full-time analysts who work to keep your data safe. This additional proactive attention to your cyber security is possible when your business is secured within a virtual server environment.

Unified Windows Virtual Desktops

How does an office operate without a server and without locally installed programs? For the most part, it doesn’t change noticeably other than that loud, hot server is gone from under your desk.  Your local users will still sit at their keyboards but instead of logging into the local network, they will launch their applications or an entire virtual desktop filled with their applications from the Internet.

If you have multiple office locations or home workers, they too launch their virtual desktops from those offices or home. This can be done without the need for complicated VPNs or glitchy remote desktop control programs. Everyone will log into the same cloud and get access to the same company data and business applications.

Virtual Desktops for Business Continuity

Like your cloud-based accounting and cloud backups, your business network in the cloud means your business is safe in the event of a local disaster. During disruptive hurricanes, fires, and evacuations, your business will continue running and your data and applications will remain accessible.

When the safety of your employees is guaranteed, the safety of your business is too. Displaced employees can use their personal laptops, tablets, even their smartphone to resume work when they are able with little to no change in how your business operates.

No More Server Repairs or Upgrades

Local Windows servers have been around for decades. Even with the advent of so many cloud technologies and SaaS, the file server still has a prominent role in business workflows and data storage. This means your business may continue to buy servers, to maintain servers, to upgrade servers, to repair servers, and to REPLACE SERVERS. But this costly server endeavor can be replaced.

With your business network moved to the cloud, the physical server is gone and replaced with a more powerful virtual cloud server. The Windows virtual server in the cloud is a virtualized version of the same server your business needs to perform work locally, but running on more powerful servers and accessible to you from anywhere.

Your virtual Windows server will host your files, your network shares, and run your QuickBooks Desktop software and other line of business software; but, you will never have to buy a new server again. The server hardware will be provided by and managed by cloud hosting provider and upgraded automatically as new server hardware and technology comes available.

Your Business Completely in the Cloud

Whether you are in one of America’s metropolises or you operate in a small town, the competition for clients and employees is intense. With your business in the cloud, you are able to expand your workforce pool while also offering your employees greater flexibility for when and where they work. Your company will be more productive and able to more quickly adapt to changes in the workplace.

Server@Work is an IT Managed Services Provider and a Citrix Service Provider Partner. We are uniquely able to assess your business network, migrate it into our secure cloud, then manage your IT infrastructure to help your business succeed. To learn more about how we can help your business transform in the cloud, contact us for a free consultation.